At Snow Medical we will invest in the next generation of exceptional, visionary, biomedical research leaders through the Snow Fellowship. Our mission is to support outstanding early to mid-career researchers to build exceptional, high impact multidisciplinary research programs and teams.

The Snow Family has always had a commitment to excellence in the field of business and philanthropy.

An entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to take sensible measured risk with a bold long-term vision has been the key to the success of Canberra Airport, the Snow Foundation, and other ventures of Ginette and Terry Snow and their family. 

Ginette, Terry, and the Snow family wanted to expand these values and entrepreneurial culture to support the next generation of exceptional, visionary biomedical medical research leaders, with a focus on those in early- to mid-career. While the high quality of Australia’s biomedical research community is recognised globally, we know that for even the best researchers and their teams, significant and long-term sustainable funding is needed to keep us globally competitive.  

We see brilliant researchers stuck in short term funding cycles, which limits their ability to have the bold vision required for extraordinary research. We want to break that cycle.

    Consequently, the not-for-profit Snow Medical Research Foundation, or Snow Medical, was established to support the best medical research leaders and their teams. Snow Medical was built on the values of: 

    • Excellence: We invest in the next generation of exceptional research leaders and their teams;
    • Inspiration: We encourage bold research, driven by inquisitive minds and a vision of the future;
    • Integrity: We support ethical and responsible research guided by an understanding of how scientific advances may affect society;
    • Generosity: We seek individuals who will make outstanding contributions through both their careers and broader community involvement; and
    • Diversity: We support high-performing teams, based on diversity, inclusivity and gender equality. 

    We want to help researchers do something different. By taking researchers out of short-term funding cycles, by providing significant funds for their teams to establish bold visionary research programs, by encouraging researchers to take sensible measured risks, and by providing leadership and entrepreneurial development programs through the Snow Fellowship, we are confident Snow Fellows and their teams will make significant discoveries and big contributions that will be realised through outstanding research, valuable new knowledge, collaboration and inspiring leadership. Just as importantly, we believe these ingredients will nurture an ecosystem such that these Snow Fellows and the teams around them will be the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders that will contribute enormously to the development of the Australian and international research environment.

    Snow Medical Fellows