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23 April 2024

Terry and Ginette Snow win national leadership award recognising philanthropy

by Genevieve Jacobs

“We are humbled and honoured to receive the Leadership Award from Philanthropy Australia,” the pair told Region.

“We have always lived by the principle, ‘If you see someone struggling, you offer them a helping hand’, and what started as an idea to help our local Canberra community members 33 years ago by establishing The Snow Foundation has grown enormously to now supporting many communities, backing national social justice issues and social entrepreneurs with big agendas.

“More recently, we established the Snow Medical Foundation, influencing the next generation of health and medical innovation through Fellowships and the Snow Centre for Immune Health.”

The other finalists in the award category were Joseph Skrzynski, Mannifera and Tom Snow.

The Snow family’s dedication to philanthropy began formally 33 years ago when the Snow Foundation was established in the Canberra region, where the family’s roots run deep.

They now also give on a national scale, focussing their activities on social justice issues, backing social entrepreneurs and innovation, and more recently, breakthrough medical research...

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Ginette Snow and Georgina Byron AO at the Australian Philanthropy Awards 2024. Photo: Daniel Kukec Photography